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Correct Air Engineering is a certified Third party licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contracting firm; which specializes in load calculations for residential and light commercial HVAC system design. As a Certified Third Party, we do not sell, install or repair equipment; we simply provide quality assurance for HVAC contractors by designing systems from an independent, unbiased perspective. Our senior designer Glenn Goetzinger is a HVAC Licensed Master and has prepared thousands of load calculations over his 49 years in the trade. Many States and local codes now require Manual J, N, D and S calculations for every new project and upgrades of existing projects. And many States and municipalities require them to be performed by a third party provider. The load calculation process was developed by engineers in the heating and air conditioning industry and has been used for decades to accurately size heating and air-conditioning equipment. After completing this load calculation process, one can determine the properly sized piece of HVAC equipment to satisfy the load requirements.

If your contractor uses a "RULE of THUMB", get another contractor.

If your contractor uses a an "EXCEL PROGRAM/SPREAD SHEET", get another contractor.

Why Hire Us To Do Your Manual J, N & D Reports?
We provide super fast turn around times and extremely accurate certified calculation reports to architects, energy consultants, HVAC contractors, and builders nationwide.

Our reports are ACCA Manual J 8th Edition Certified, and our reports utilize the ASHRAE CLTD or ASHRAE RTS method.

Offering over 49 years of HVAC experience "not combined".

Beware of free on line Manual J calculations as they are very inaccurate, and misleading.

Beware of EXCEL SPREAD SHEET Manual J programs and calculations, Excel programs do not have enough power and capability to perform an accurate Manual J calculation.

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Services Available
  • Manual J 8th. Edition Certified, (Accurate Residential Load Calculations)
  • Manual N, (Accurate Commercial Load Calculations)
  • Manual D, (Accurate Residencial Duct sizing Calculations)
  • HVAC Design Services
  • HVAC Consulting Services
  • Site Surveys
  • Duct Take-offs, listing trunk duct, branch duct and sizes required for system, for peak performance.
  • Manual S, (Residential equipment selection of correct type and size to meet the capacity requirements from the Manual J load calculation)
  • Manual T, (Air Distribution, Terminal Selection for residential & small commercial buildings), "will assist to prevent drafts and stagnant air problems caused by improper sizing or incorrect equipment selection. Detail selection, size, and location of supply air diffusers, grilles and registers, and the return grilles. It uses manufacturers comprehensive performance data, calculate pressure losses, and controls noise."
  • Electronic Files and Reports Services, (emailed directly to you in PDF format)
  • Electronic Payment Services, We accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
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