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Glenn Goetzinger is principal and founder of Correct Air Engineering. For over 51 years, he has been involved in the HVACR analysis and design of thousands of projects ranging from office buildings, institutional facilities, biotech laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, clean room's, funeral home's, morgue's, retail store's, distilleries, micro brewery, medical facilities, SCIF's, aerospace and defense facilities. His active consulting practice involves all aspects of project delivery in the built environment, including code compliance for controlled and hazardous environments. He has received numerous awards for technical excellence and is recognized for his technical achievements, innovation and foresight by peers, associates and clients in the advanced technology industry.


Mr. Goetzinger has significant experience as an expert analyst of system design, service, installation, system failures, code compliance issues and cause/effect relationships of problems related to the HVACR built environment. As the first certified HVACR forensic instructor on the east coast, Glenn instructs and certifies other HVACR forensic analyst. As a forensic analyst and expert witness, Glenn has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of jurisdictions. Forensic assignments include projects dealing with HVACR systems, alleged exposure to chemicals via industrial ventilation systems, refrigeration systems, design and construction of cleanrooms, fires and explosions, pressure vessels, boilers, pipelines, exposure to Legionella bacteria, exposure to carbon monoxide, formaldehyde exposure and various types of pro duct liability.

Mr. Goetzinger's experiences as a State licensed HVACR master, design & service engineer, project manager and design firm principal span the range of engineering endeavors including programming, conceptual design, facility evaluation and optimization, design for construction documents, start-up and commissioning and construction phase support of contractors. Mr. Goetzinger has been personally responsible for the design and analysis of HVAC systems, cleanrooms and critically controlled environments, industrial ventilation systems, process piping systems, air balancing diagnostics, energy management/control systems and commercial / industrial refrigeration systems. Utilizing his experience in design, service, installation and design firm management, Mr. Goetzinger focuses much of his practice on design consulting, acting as an owner's agent or extension of the staff of the designer/builder of complex projects. In the role of design consultant, Mr. Goetzinger's proactive approach includes review of the design of engineers or contractors, code compliance consulting, system load calculation and design, value engineering, sustainability evaluation and performance optimization suggestions to owners and design/build teams.


Mr. Goetzinger has been involved since the inception of the organization known as AAI "American Air Institute". This organization is charged with research and development related to the design and construction of advanced technology facilities such as aerospace, military defense, biotech, pharmaceutical and domestic commercial manufacturing. As director of the American Air Institute, he delivers seminars several times a year through their continuing education program on topics including HVAC design, service, installation, airside testing, air balancing diagnostics, manual J, N, D, & S load calculation, building ventilation design, project management and code compliance for domestic commercial and advanced technology facilities. Also publishing multiple training videos in these areas.


License & Certifications

Mr. Goetzinger holds State license as a Master HVAC Professional, in the States of Delaware, Maryland, and with new licenses awaiting in, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas, he is also a HVACR licensed and registered electrician with Baltimore County MD, and Cecil County MD. in addition holds a universal CFC certification by Ferris State University, ASE mobile equipment CFC certification and HVAC Air Balance certification.

Areas of Expertise

  • Air Distribution Design
  • Boiler Control Design
  • Boiler Piping Design
  • Hazardous Materials
  • HVACR Building Codes
  • HVACR Construction
  • HVACR Construction Safety
  • HVACR Controls Design
  • HVACR Design Engineering
  • HVACR Equipment & Machinery
  • HVACR Facility Engineering
  • HVACR Failure Analysis
  • HVACR Forensic Engineering
  • HVACR Installation Cost
  • HVAC Manual J, N, D, & S
  • HVACR Marine System Design
  • HVACR Service, Repairs, & Maintenance
  • OSHA Exposure limits
  • Products Liability
  • Safety Engineering
  • Semiconductors
  • Ventilation Design & Verification


Areas of expertise retained as an expert

HVACR Forensic analysis is offered in the following areas:
HVAC Systems, Cleanroom Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Boiler Piping Systems, Construction Issues, Poor Workmanship, Building and Fire Code Compliance Issues, Product Liability (limited to HVACR mechanical equipment), Improper Maintenance of Equipment, Second Opinion on Repairs, Incorrect Repair Parts, Second Opinion on Replacement Systems, Misdiagnosed Repairs, Unnecessary Repairs & Parts, System Installation Costs, Inadequate Ventilation Systems, Exposure to Airborne Contaminants via Ventilation Systems.

Services offered (E.g.: consulting, testing, reports, site inspections etc.)

Consulting, Project Cost Verification, Testing & Verification, Quote Reviews, Peer Reviews, Equipment Inspection, Site Inspections, Reports, Expert Testimony.

With our own independent HVACR forensic laboratory, specialising in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) forensics and offering full consultancy services without bias or prejudice to prosecution, for residential, commercial, industrial, HVACR systems.